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Today at Noon there will be a Retailer Charlie Chat.

As always you can count on SatelliteGuys to bring you the news which is of interest to you the consumer as it happens.

Also as always any news we report will be news which you could get by calling your local retailer after the chat ends, we will NOT disclose sensitive dealer issues such as costs, profits, etc, we be believe that stuff is best left between the retailers and Echostar.

Our Chat Room will be open and I will do my best to update things in there while posting the updates to our forums. The chat room is located at
Hi Scott,
Is the chat content available to review from last night?
Also will you do the same thing (live chat) for the retail chat?
No last nights Chat Transcript is not available, unlike other sites we do not make / post a chat transcript. We do this so everyone can have a good time and be themselves and not worry about a transcript being posted later.

Yes we will be chatting today like we did last night. Again it starts at noon eastern time. :)
How about asking the obvious question as to why the retailers are not getting informed as to their shipping dates and quantities for the 811's? From what I've seen, they are very frustrated and get no info from E* about when they can expect to get the receivers and pass it on to us customers!
Thanks Scott, I was looking for any major announcements but I guess there weren't any not the unrestrained chit chat anyway.

Would you please post the url for chat today (60 min and counting)
Update on last night's Charlie Chat

How 'bout at least an update on the contents of last night's chat for those who missed it. I believe you can sum it up in just a few words. Thanks
Hmm sum it up in a few words.

Ok it opened up with Charlie and Jim Saying Hi.

Then they talked about locals.
Then they talked about the price increase

Then we had a bunch of BINGO talk...

Then they said good night. :)

And that was about it.
Next month's Ashley Chat

If they let Ashley do the Chat, there could be a couple of interesting points come up.
Ok we are just a few minutes away from the start of the retailer chat.

I expect much of the chat to focus on the new DHA plan.

Updates will be posted when there is new news which is of interest to consumers.

We are also chatting now at come join us!
The CHar has begun Jim welcomes us and wishes us a Happy New Year, video is being shown from the CES show. Charlie loves his PIG. Charlie is renting the pig out to dealers who want it.
Charlie is now giving an update about the Viacom and Turner. He is happy with Turner but not happy about the negoations with Viacom.

Talking about the restraining order because CBS is threatning to take away the superbowl, there will be a hearing in the court in a few days.

They had talks yesterday and the talks were disapointing.
Charlie is talking about the SatelliteTax and sending people to

They are now talking about last nights Customer Chat and the price increase.
Charlie had the guts to say that those with the Americas Everything pack, will actually have a reduction of their bill as they dont have to pay the $4.99 DVR fee.


Now they are going over the same networks from last night
So far the chat is a repeat of last night, they are now showing the NHL Center Ice Commercial, and the ESPN full court commercials they showed last night.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Charlie had the guts to say that those with the Americas Everything pack, will actually have a reduction of their bill as they dont have to pay the $4.99 DVR fee.


'New Math' I suppose....
Sounds like when 'the pig' (comcast) added the $10 discount for internet users getting video service (simultaneous with a $10 price increase).

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