Question on dealing with local retailer for E* installation


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Jan 7, 2004
After seeing E* commericals of free 811/301 deal, and the 921 availability, I decided to switch from D* to E*. But now I'm not so sure I did the right thing,

First of all, I want a 921/811 combo! As a new subscriber, I was told adding $600 would let you get 921/301 or pay nothing to get free 811/301 if I want.

Then I realize I can't get any 921, or even 811! I called around, finally one local retailer said he has one 811 available and will charge me $50 more to get that unit( he actually didn't say that, he simply said $100 activation fee until I asked). He then said he promise to get me a 921 for $699 when they arrive for the exchange of 301. It sounds great but now I do doubt very much for his word. After researching the threads here, I don't beleive anyone can get 921 for $699 in exchange of 301,right?? The cost just don't add up. Now I even doubt that he has a 811, because he said he'll call me back in a week or so to schedule a install, if he's the local retailer, why can't he just schedule a date and install for me? I beleive he simply put me in the system and I'll have to wait for Dish to schedule a install and he'll earn his comission?!

I don't know how dish works on installation, at least this is what seems to me. But it remains to be seen, I'll patiently wait and see, a $50 for a lesson learned is not too bad, and if I got my 921 for $699, I'll be really happy :p

One last question, I got myself a superdish 121 from ebay becuase i want the new international channel, do you think the installer will install that for me instead of a regular dish??
As for the 121SD install instead of a regular DP500, If the installer has the skill to do so he may ask for extra money and would deserve it. Do you have the DP34 Switch to go with the SD? If I were your installer I would ask for an extra $50 to put in the Super dish. If you qualify for a SD for locals you could get it for free.
OTOH, the installer would get to keep the Dish500 that is allocated for the install.

The local retailer the OP mentions may be nothing but a sales hack as opposed to a full-service shop. A regular retailer has a distributor and can get just about anything - although the prices may not be "happy".
Let me take a crack at this...

First of all he shouldn't be charging you extra for the 811. The only thing I can think of is that he doesn't have any in stock and the $50 is to have it sent to him overnight from the distributor. Or since the 811's are such a pain in the butt to deal with, the extra $50 is to cover any grief and aggravation your going to put him through once the receiver is installed.

In all honesty, I only sell 811's over the internet since everyone who is online knows the issues with this paticular receiver and can properly deal with them. Any customer who is local and wants us to do an 811 on a new install is sold a certificate and we let DISH Network do the installation for the simple fact that everytime we sell an 811 receiver, the customers are expecting the unit to operate flawlessly and I just get frustrated with the phone calls from customers thinking they have a bad receiver when its really a software issue.

Here is how you do it at the least cost. First of all if you go through the Dishstore we have a promotion where we wave the setup Fee and you can get a Model 811 and Model 322 Installed for FREE. Have DISH Network come out and install the 811 and have them put the 322 where you want the 921.

A few days after they leave, you call up the Dishstore and we actually still have 1 or 2 921 receivers available under the Group buy thing for $839.00 with FREE Shipping.

You call DISH Network, tell them you do not want the 322 and have them send you a pre-paid box to send it back. You install the 921 in place of the 322 and you up and running with a 921 and an 811 for $839.00

As far as the SuperDish, you let Dish give you one for FREE when you subscribe to the international channels.

The issue is that the dealer just can't take a 301 on exchange for a 921. If you do it on DHA, its not their equipment to take and if you do it on FREE DISH they are gonna get charged back for the receiver if its deactivated within the first 180 days so it don't make no sense!

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