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Jan 14, 2005
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So I currently have a HR-54 in my basement and a wired genie mini in my living room. My wife wants to rearrange the furniture in our living room. Problem is, there's no coax where she wants to put the TV and no easy way to get it there either. So I'm looking into swapping our regular mini for a wireless one but have a few questions. I've tried calling Directv but you get a different answer every time you call in so I don't know what to believe. I have an all included package. First CSR told me that no charge for the equipment, but that it would renew my 2 year contract and I would have to pay 7 dollars a month since it wasn't part of my original order, it's not covered by the all included package. Next CSR told me 100 for the equipment, 7 dollars a month, and have to renew my contract. Last one told me 100 for the equipment, no monthly fee, and no change to my contract. Well which one is correct!? So confusing! Should I just get the equipment on my own from solid signal?

Also, in the past, people would take a wireless CCK, connect it to their wireless network and then plug the coax into the back of the wired mini. Turn it into a wireless mini that operated over their own home network. Does this still work? I'm really considering going this route as I can get a wireless CCK for only 40 dollars and not have to mess with directv or changing my contract, etc.
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Sep 8, 2003
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You could technically get a wireless video bridge off eBay and a wireless mini and connect it up without calling Directv.

Only the 4K genies need to be registered to your account.

If you get 2 deccas you can run the mini off cat5.

If you go through Directv it’s $100 for the wireless video bridge and $100 for the wireless mini.

Keep in mind if you go the eBay route you would remove the client in your genie and add the wireless one you bought off eBay.
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