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Jul 4, 2004
I'm on DTV (well, really Pegasus) and just purchased my first HD TV which will arrive next week. I currently have a DTV/TIVO standard 40 hour receiver. I'm looking at my options to be able to recieve and record HD programming.

With DTV, it seems my only option is go get the new $1000 HR10-250, which has a built in Tivo that will record HD programs.

I'm wondering what my options are with Dish to be able to do the same thing. I have to say that I am ADDICTED to Tivo.

Dish sent me a promotion where I could get a HDTV receiver and a DVR. How does the DVR (or any other DVR I could get) compare to living with TV? I guess I could live without a few of the Tivo features, but the Season Pass is a must.

All comments are appreciated!
Well as someone with the Dish DVR, you wont have many of the Tivos features including season pass. The only thing the Dish DVR lets you do is record the shows (depending on the reciever you get, you have to be tuned to the channel your recording) and pause and rewind/fastforward tv, no other tivo like features with the dish unit.
Well, that sure sounds like it would rule out Dish. Unless there were a standalone HD TIVO that I could connect to a Dish reciever. But I don't think there is such a TIVO box.
I guess a question to ask is if you're wanting a HD digital recorder. If you go with E* you're looking at the 921. It, along with all the other E* PVR's doesn't have name based recording (E* has said they will provide it this year but with E* past history has shown until it's actually in the box don't bet your life on it). You might also want to look on this site, along with and and review all the comments concering HD PVR's from folks that have them.

IMHO, one big item the D* HR10-250 has over the 921 is that it has two over the air ATSC tuners in it, so you can record two OTA ATSC channels at once, the 921 has only one.

If a HD PVR isn't something you're interested in, all you want is a HD STB again review these forums. The E* 811 is a love it or hate it box, some have no problems/issues with it, for others it makes a good door stop.
stay with DirecTV. it sounds like you want to be able to record HD. Dish isn't going to offer you anything worth noting in the dept. the 921 is also $1k, just like the HD DirecTivo. the 921 falls short in just about every catagory over the HD DirecTivo. it doesn't even come close, none of Dish's digital VCR's do, as I like to call their DVR's. you get what you pay for and its quite clear at Dish, which their "free" cable like rental programs prove, that they use to lure in customers like yourself with cheapo receivers that don't work as they should, and you end up paying for them 15 times over by the time you are done with the "rental". get an HD DirecTivo and you have yourself the #1 HD DVR on the US market currently, and yes it is fully worth the price of $1k.
Before switching to E*, make sure you view some SD material on a HD set because you may not be happy with what you see (if you watch very much SD stuff).

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