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Sep 8, 2003
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I was able to dig up this information (although outdate since it was posted on Sept 2003). Given that Rave-HD, according to this employee, is a sister of Fuse, why doesn't Rave-HD have more concerts and more selection of videos.


Just wrapped the P-1 "Vespa" video and it was great, we had some
amazing folks working on the project. Thank you all for your hard work!
Beth-Anne lets talk "post" soon.

Anyhow, I know bulk mailings suck - but it's for a good cause. Does
anyone need employment?
I ask because, it's getting increasingly difficult to work at my job
lately, and I figure if we hired the folks we need to hire soon, my
life will become a whole lot easier, so who needs a job??

I work at a new music video channel called Rave HD. It's owned by
Cablevision and is the sister channel to FUSE (formerly Much Music USA)
and the channel will play only music videos, & concerts (and eventually
programming) shot in High Definition (a new way wide screen video
What we need are:

Experienced Production Coordinator
Experienced Production Assistant
Experienced Media Librarian
Business Manager (with Production Accountant background)

I can't tell you what each job entails, but they are all salaried, full
benefits with the exception of the PA.
Fax me a professional cover letter and resume (212-324-8680) ASAP!
Please forward to your NYC friends.

(Please don't send resume's via e-mail)

The salaries are very good, and thats all I can say in respect to that.

Alright have a great week everyone!

Angie Browne
646-824-7305 cell
212-324-8734 work