RCA outputs


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Sep 8, 2003
I was curious if the RCA outs on my 510 can be used as audio channels for speakers? I know this is kind of a stupid question. I want to be able to channel the music stations into my computer so I can burn CDs for work. Does anyone have a simple way to do this. It seemed I tried this last year but could not pick up any sound. I have inputs on the computer and thought I could just bring the music in this way. I might not have the right program for this and this might be the problem. Any ideas out there? Thanks, Mike

PS, I use to just download music from the internet but with the lawsuits going on I thought this might be a good way.
I have dubbed old cassettes of a freinds family's music using a rca to !/8' head phone jack adapter. Went from out on the cassette to the in on my soundcard and used MusicMatch to record. You have to pretty much be there and stop at the end of each song...then name the next one.
I believe the output of the RCA jacks is RF. You're going to need something between the RCA jacks and your computer to convert the RF to either AF or Digital signals, depending on what your computer input requires.
The RCA audio out jacks run a standard line level audio out. The only thing needed between the receiver and computer will be an adapter cable.

Plug the adapter cable into the "line-in" jack on your computer and the the receiver and you are ready to go.

You will also need to make sure that the software you are using is capable of recording from the "line-in" input and how to set the software to record from this input. Check your user's manuals, help files and/or manufacturer/publisher websites for this info.