Using the sun for preliminary dish location??

Kirby Baker

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May 19, 2004
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I know that during Solar Conjunction season the sun can be used at certain times of the day to determine if a spot will receive a signal, and not be blocked by trees and tall neighbors. Is there a way to calculate the times of day to check once solar conjuntion season is over, say like today? If so, how? Is there a calculator somewhere for this? I'm trying to find a sight for a separate 110 dish. Thanks.
Kirby, I use a cheap plastic protractor and a soda straw. You tape the straw to the protractor at the appropriate elevation for 110 in your zipcode. Then you hold it on a small level and look through the straw to see if you have a clear line of sight. It's really low tech, but surprisingly accurate. This way you can check it without having to wait for a specific time on a specific day. Hope this helps.
I like the straw idea I used the same idea for a few years myself, I had a small bit of wood cut at my elevation angle and had a few inches of tube running along the top to look through for line of sight, worked great, now I have the right tool, the sun locator program and the right tool (compass/inclinometer combined) can be found at my web site, hope it helps!

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