Really close to do it...considering move from DTV to Dish

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  1. Been with DTV for nearly 10 years, been about 15+ years since we had Dish named Dish and their equipment has been much better the last 5+ years over DirecTV's Genies.

    Right now I run into problems often where 5 tuners is just not enough, we have 2 TV's and sometimes recording conflict gets in the way.

    I contacted a local retailer because I know for a fact Dish will not remove current DTV dish and replace it with Dish. This way I don't piss off HOA.

    I would pretty much get the same deals they offer online, and the install would be free.

    Right now this was the last month of my killer deal where I had Xtra+Sports Pack where I pay about $63.98, my bill is gonna jump by $40 since the $40 for 12 months is expiring, so thats gonna make my cost go up to $103.98 for just TV that would include the $25 wireless billing discount and $10 combined billing discount..

    If I switch to Dish I would get the sports package + NFL RedZone free for the next two seasons pretty much and I'd get an Amazon Dot with it too...I found myself watching the RedZone channel on DTV more than the games itself the last few years.
    Dish would cost about $85+ Taxes and fees, it would save me a bit of money in the long run for 2 years, because even if its about $10-15 depending how much Dish taxes and fees are it would add up quickly. Lastly I'd have better equipment, better wireless receiver for my downstairs room.

    I did call DTV retention and they said I had too many credits and that I would need to give at least 2 months before new credits show up on the account...
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  3. Don't understand the HOA part, but Dish DID remove a DTV dish from my house (in an HOA). I had to put it in the trash, but why wouldn't they remove it??
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  4. I just switched from DTV to Dish and had it installed last Saturday. Not for sure if my installer got me the strongest signals but he did remove my old DTV dish and put the new one in the same exact location. Same thing I had to trash the dish myself.

    I was with DTV for over 9 years. Really did a lot of debating about leaving them. I had some great promotional pricing but I finally decided I wanted the new technology.
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  5. I just switched to Dish last week from AT&T (directv). After reading comparisons, etc... the biggest thing that was of concern to me was that some thought the PQ on Dish wasn't very good. I compared directly and barely noticed a difference.

    I came from the genie HR54 to the Hopper 3, and for the first time in years I can record what I want when I want without worrying about using too many tuners. Add in the dual tuner OTA dongle, which shows up in the guide, and it's golden.

    As for programming. Dish has everything I want in sports, and it has the Epix channels. That was something I've waited for on AT&T and they never put it on.
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  6. If you choose Dish, just go up to the roof before the installer comes and pull off the DTV dish yourself. Then when Dish installer comes you can say "there's already a J-pole up there for you to use"
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  7. Different diameter poles.
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  8. Remove the J-pole then and leave the foot. That's what I did, I'm 98% sure the foot for my current dish was previously used by DTV
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  9. They told me the foot had to go too, cause I asked.
  10. In my case, the Dish guy was happy to reuse the old foot, seemed to lighten his work load
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  12. The problem is where the install needs to happen, few months back Directv wouldn't go up there to do the install because it would require two ladders, to get on the lower roof and then the top.

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  13. Thanks I was about to post that, I sent the pics to the local retailer and he said no problem, he could use the same mounting that is up there already and then just replace the pipe to fit the Dish Network dish and no installation fee.

    Right now I am on my last month of the discounts before I see $50 increase in my bill.
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  14. Yeah for me RedZone free for two years will keep me happy, plus they also throw in Bein Sports which is a must for me at no charge for two years since it's part of the multi sports channel and then getting a free Alexa dot 2 is nice. Directv has given me good service just can't justify the huge increase in bill from next month... and the extra tuners would be handy, plus I heard the wireless joey is way better than the wireless genie which I use on my main tv in the living room due to the way the house is...
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  15. You'll like the h3 it's a great receiver. If you need a raf shoot me a pm. :)
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  16. Sounds good, I have couple weeks to decide, I've read so many reviews on the Dish Hardware that makes me jealous. I do watch a lot of sports but Sunday Ticket over the years kept me happy plus most years I had it either for free or half off, just even free ST isn't enough for me anymore because I watch the redzone channel more than anything.
    Bein sports is important because I am a huge soccer fan and I watch Spanish league and Italian league and Bein sports is the only channel that shows the game here in the US.

    So for folks that have the wireless joey how good is it? Is the picture quality as good as the main receiver and how snappy is it when you have to pause/rewind forward recorded shows?

    If I do decide to go with Dish it's gonna be a big change but I am sure programming will be the same, lastly I take it that Dish still broadcast national channels in the west coast early correct? I like to watch Monday night Rawand TWD (AMC) as soon as they are broadcasted instead of being on a tape delay.
  17. They can cut a small piece of pipe that fits dish and slide over the DTV pole (or inside. Can't remember which is smaller) then screw it into place. I have had it done twice. One guy didn't want to do it but I told him he wasn't installing it any other way. Wasn't having a 2nd mount on my roof. He called his supervisor and got the go ahead. Other guy was happy to do it.
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  18. Yeah if I order through Dish website I get $75 cash back from ebates on top of all the deals and referral deal. That makes the deal even sweeter, just don't wanna go through the situation that I had to go through with DTV earlier this year and them telling me they can't go up the roof...that's why I was considering a local retailer over Dish and really don't want to be without TV for the next few days/weeks especially when football season is about to start.
  19. Also another concern I have is that sports channels have pixelation issues on Dish, is that true? Been reading some reviews and many complained about this in 2025/2016 so I am not sure how much things changed this year. I do watch fox sports and soccer and last thing I want is tons of pixelation, I thought this issue was early 2000s not these days. I remember Uverse had tons of pixelation when it first came out and sports channels were unwatchable, I don't want that experience, anyone with 4K TV sets have any issues with fast paced action shows like sports?
    Lastly does Dish broadcast their channels 720p or 1080i?

  20. There are 2 ways to go, an actual pole adapter which slides over the DTV mast and secured by 2 1/2" bolts or some guys will cut a Dish pole into 12"-15" sections and slide one inside the DTV mast, secured by self tappers. Neither are "authorized" by Dish, but many techs do it anyway, especially when a customer heavily requests not to have more holes from a 2nd mast. Anyone that won't remove 6 simple bolts to take a DTV dish down is simply being lazy, in my opinion
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  21. I have the Multisport pack and I don't have any issues with Pixelation.
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