Receiver Freeze,Anyone?


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Mar 18, 2004
Well everything had been going smooth since I changed from DVI to component. That is until yesterday. Now the receiver will just stay locked on one channel all of a sudden. I.E. - I go to change the channel after watching something for half an hour and the receiver won't respond to the remote, it just styas locked on the channel I'm watching. Soon as I start trying to change the channel the signal indicator goes red. Sometimes I see the banner for channels I'm trying to change but it stays on the channel I'm watching, sometimes it says it is changing - then says no signal.
So in two weeks of having Voom I have had roughly 4 days that I did not have to unplug the receiver several times a day. This sucks. I have two Motorola digital cable boxes that haven't been cut off in over two years (for the most part), and they never blink. This flaky receiver stuff is just about to turn me off for good. Anyone have any idea what's up?

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