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Mar 26, 2004
Have a few questions that I have not bothered to call Voom on. Maybe someone else has and knows the answers. 1) When us "early adopters" signed on, we were promised one Plus-Pak of our choice to be included in the 39.90 monthly fee. When the free period expires, are they going to honor this? 2) Assuming that they will honor that commitment, are they going to keep everything "lit up" and reduce the 300.00 credit by 80.00 per month? Or can we make our selection of Plus-Paks and reduce the credit by only the 39.90 per month? 3) The HD channels such as Bravo HD, Discovery HD Theatre, ESPN HD(to come) and TNT HD(to come)---are they going to be part of the basic tier, or will they fall into one of the existing or perhaps new Plus-Paks? Haven't seen these questions addressed yet, but March 31st is coming on fast.
Sean - Stupid me----one question I forgot---Will the Encore HD channels be included in the Starz Plus-Pak? If they are, then that will be 4 HD movie channels in one package. Will help me to decide---decisions, decisions.

Four HD channels in the Starz pak? I only count three: StarzHD-E, StarzHD-W, and Encore-E.


That seems like a fair assumption to me.

How long will we get the free Plus-Pak? And, how do we notift them? Are they going to call or send an email? Unless its been extended again, the free period ends on the 31st, right?
My understanding was (and a CSR just confirmed this for me), that early adopters get Basic package (that now includes BravoHD+ and DiscoveryHD, among other things) and one Plus pack (e.g. HBO) on top of it. All for 39.90 a month. I guess I will call them again on Monday to verify.

P.S. I was told the choice has to be made before the end of the month.

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