Receiver to PC monitor via HDMI

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Aug 13, 2008
Hi guys,

Following your advice I bought a Sonicview HD8000 and I'm loving it. Thank you!

I need some more guidance in setting up the connection. You see, I use my 24 inch monitor to work and watch TV, to save space. I'm currently hooking my receiver directly to the monitor via a HDMI-DVI cable. This works ok but the burden is that I have to switch back and forth between the 2 connections.

I like the setting that I used for my Coolsat 5000. I hooked it up to the PC via a TV turner card. The TV feed is displayed by the card software. That way I could work AND watch TV simutaneously, and switch to fullscreen to just watch TV. Unfortunately this card only supports S-video input.

My question to you is: Do you have any good TV cards to recommend, one that supports HDMI? Do you know any better way to do this?



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Mar 19, 2008
Following your advice I bought a Sonicview HD8000 and I'm loving it.

Nobody advised buying anything in particular. In your previous thread:

You sound pleased ("I'm loving it") with the Sonicview. If anything, I advised not to buy it, admittedly based only on what I've read here (I'm looking for a new receiver myself, but cannot find one with the features I want). Not to change the subject, but you must tell me - should I buy one? Did something change since the last time I researched it?


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May 26, 2008
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There are video capture cards with HD inputs but they cost something like $700 at the cheapest. If you're watching TV in a little window it wouldn't be HD anyway, so couldn't you just use S-Video for that? For switching to fullscreen you should be able to use a DVI video switch or KVM. The only problem would be if your receiver can't output HD and SD video at the same time.

Edit: Another option would be to get a cheap PCI or USB DVB-S device and slave it off the Sonicview. That would let you see 4:2:2 feeds as well. There are some cheap PCI cards on eBay (e.g. Twinhan).
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