Receiving Ku Band On C Band Dish

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Feb 24, 2013
Hello, i am a newbie at this satellite tv stuff so i just need some info:

Here it goes.....I am in Barbados and i would like to setup a ku band satellite tv system. Because of my location i am told that i would need a 6ft or 8ft solid offset dish to stop rain fade etc. and also i would like to receive HD content. Because of these issues i would like to know if a prime focus dish would be just as effective because they are much easier to get and alot cheaper. I have also been told that the prime focus dish is not as good at receiving signal as the offset, so like a 8ft prime focus is equivilent to a 6ft offset. Is there any truth in this? Would it be as simple as just getting an adaptor plate and changing the c band lnb bracket to be able to accomodate the ku band?

Does anyone have a similar setup that can give me some pointers?

Thanks for all your help


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Aug 22, 2010
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There are KU lnb's with the proper scalar for prime focus dishes. just google a bit.
The rule of thumb was find a mesh with holes pencil lead large or so? but if you can find a laux beta 9 , it is a solid metal 9'dish, you are on your way.
i have set up mine for ku , it does a slamin good job even with a plain ku lnb for an offset dish.
i cannot speak for how good a mesh dish setup would be.


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Sep 1, 2010
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i have a 6 foot prime focus panel dish that is set up with c band lnb and a el cheapo offset ku lnb.This little ku lnb picks up like nothings funny,i can get 98% of everything thats on ku and in my los.


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Sep 22, 2005
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Will this be used for circular polarity pay TV signals like Dish Network or DirecTV?
If so, that's actually easier.
If not, then which satellites are you looking to get Ku signals from.?
Some are easier than others, and it'll be necessary to consider the footprint of each.
What are you watching now?
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