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Jul 19, 2004
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Hey All,

I have spent the past six years couped up in an apartment in Baltimore and out of the FTA loop. I came to Maryland from Florida where I had a great FTA system. Soon I want to get started again and wanted some suggestions on a FTA system I can use in Maryland. Any suggestions on receivers would be appreciated. Thanks a million.



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Apr 26, 2006
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µHD or AZBox Premium +

Both have advantages over all others.
I have both units, but I haven't hooked up my µHD yet.
The µHD is less expensive and more user friendly (as I have been informed).
The AZBox has other capabilities like 4.2.2 etc, but is much more expensive and has some glitches, still.
Although I would never give up my AZBox, it is not the ultimate satisfaction in a box.
Conduct your own personal research on these IRDs (and all others that may pop up in this discussion).
Evaluate them based upon their advertised features and cost and then come back here to discuss the top three to five that you selected.
With group assistance, we could narrow your choices down to just two and it will probably be these two. And, with monetary logic on its side, the µHD is probably going to win out.

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