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Nov 30, 2011
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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'm looking for a bluetooth transmitter with RCA inputs. The purpose of this is to take audio output from my satellite receiver(s) and connect to Echo Dots via bluetooth.

Currently looking at this model, but doesn't appear any of the reviewers have used it for the transmit function, only receive.

Anybody have any suggestions?
If you can figure out how to pair the device with your Echos, you should be good to go. I'd be interested in how to conveniently (hopefully remotely) control the transmitter as I'm guessing it defaults to being active 24/7 without pressing some buttons or pulling the plug on the unit.

I'd suggest posing your question on Amazon as there doesn't seem to be a website associated with the product.
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I’ve thought about getting the RHA Bluetooth transmitter for use when flying. An RCA stereo to 3.5mm jack for your Satellite receiver would allow it to be used for this application. The RHA works while charging, to, so it would have unlimited run time. It also pairs with two Bluetooth headphones/earbuds at once if that’s important. Finally, it adds Bluetooth listening to any device with a 3.5mm jack.
RHA Wireless Flight Adapter: Bluetooth 5 Audio Transmitter​
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The device arrived today. Working perfectly so far. At first I tried hosing the optical output from my Edision receiver but there doesn't appear to be any audio on that port. Titanium is the optical port on the Mio functional?

I ended up using the AUX input to connect via RCA to another receiver and it's working great.

PS- it does not come with a power brick, just the cable. I used one I had in a drawer. It does come with Aux cable and Toslink cable.


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