Recording HDTV from sat, cable or OTA

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Sep 26, 2003
Eh... the price is a killer on this thing- sorry to have even posted, but it is interesting to read about.

From their FAQ page:
Q: Isn't the AVX1 really just a PC computer?
A: The AVX1 is a custom made miniature PC that is designed for the dedicated task of making the satellite signal that comes out on the firewire compatible with the DVHS deck. It operates at a processor speed of 1GHz and runs a special CD based disk operating system. Although a PC monitor can be connected to the AVX1 to monitor some of its operational conditions, no keyboard, monitor, nor mouse is required for recording. Simply turn it on and it will automatically boot before recording begins. Some users may choose to build their own AVX1. See the link from the top of our web page for more information on this option.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 2, 2003
How sure are we on the HD Tivo I am hearing it is slipping again now to April which is the 2 Qt

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