Reliable ATSC Signal Meter?

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  1. Are there any reliable (and reasonable) ATSC signal meters out there to help with antenna alignment based on strength? I realize the Solid Signal Digiair Pro is out there, but I wondered if there was anything else more reasonable or better? I did see the Winegard RFL-332 on Amazon as well, but it is for RV use. Several on there mention using it with home antennas with some modification, but I haven't been able to actually find a post that illustrates how to connect a battery to it instead of the hard-wire it is intended to use.
  3. Here's what I do: I bought a SiliconDust HD Homerun HDHR-3 US off of Ebay for $50. Then, I connect my coax to it, download the app for my phone, then take my phone with me up on the roof. The app lets you see signal strength and signal quality for 2 channels at once. That's how I aim my antennas.

    302 antenna benchmark 1- TVPRAMP1Z.PNG
  4. I only wish there was. The cheapest is around $350.
  5. How responsive is the reading to changes in aiming? I tried this with a couple of different TV tuners and the reaction to changes was painfully slow.
  6. When your wifi signal is strong, it’s fast. I bought a router with external antennas to make sure I had good coverage up on the roof. I’ve been able to make minute adjustments easily.

    The iPhone / iOS app is called Signal GH.
  7. That's what is likely to set it apart from meters with a handful of LEDs and cheap TV tuners.
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