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HR 24 more than likely, however there is still a chance they could swap it for an HR23 as they have to at the very least swap like for like.

With that said they are not even asking for HR24’s to be returned either on a warranty swap or if you deactivate service.

What that probably means is that Genie/clients are the future and they probably have so many referb HR24 sitting in the warehouses they don’t need any more inventory of obsolete receivers.

What I have been told is they only want the cards back, but aren’t even tracking what they are getting back.


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Got my replacement and it was a HR24-500, def more responsive. Couldnt stand the lag when trying to type in a 200 # ans recvr hung up on 2 and changed to ch 2, would of been nice to get a newer model but alot better.
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