ReplayTV or TiVO??


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Nov 18, 2003
Well, I didnt know where else to post this, but it does kind of fit under Dish since this is their fault.

Since I no longer receive CBS via Dish Network, I need to be able to record it OTA.

Should I buy a ReplayTV or a TiVo?

Which one has more/better features? Why would someone prefere one over the other?

Tivo, handsdown. I've had both and there's no comparison. The tivo is amazing. The replay is ok, but it's namebased recording isn't quite up to snuff. It's basically only glorified timebased recording.

Everyone talks about how great season pass is, well they're right. Tivo's conflict resolution is just amazing. If I have a season pass for something and I want to do a one time recording at the same time as my season pass its not a problem, because as long as I know that the episode repeats later the tivo will pick up(esp on cable channels where they repeat everything all the time). Tivo will automatcially adjust and pick it up later.

Go for the tivo, you won't be sorry. Also they're only $150 now with a mail in rebate
OK...let me update this. I would like to use whichever DVR I buy to work with Voom when I switch. I see people have had lots of problems with TiVO and Voom, but I couldnt find anything about ReplayTV.
Voom is HD. My SAtivo is great with E* don't know about Voom. But you
won't be able to record or watch anything in HD just SD which I assume
that Voom has output for 480i. I would think about checking out the
Directtv HDtivo which is suppose to be coming out end of this month.
I know I won't be able to record anything in HD with VOOM. I cant record anything in HD with the Dish PVR I have now. Why would I switch to DirectTV when they have crap for HD just like DIsh does? Im switching to VOOM, but keeping Dish for now.

What Im asking is...I want a Tivo or ReplayTV unit so I can record OTA SD from the Dish 811. In the near future, I want to move whatever DVR I purchase over to a VOOM receiver. Which one will work better?
Replay has component output for better picture and if you get a 5040 you can share shows with other users world wide .

Replay and 811 are a tricky to get to work together .
OK. I bought a ReplayTV 5504 this afternoon. It controls the 811 just fine, however, I cant get it to tune to my OTA channels. You need to enter 5 digits (019-01). Any suggestions?
My girlfriend is up my ass anout this Viacom crap. If I dont record Survivor and Joan of Arcadia, she will probably go rip my Dish farm off the house!
I like Coach Fran. I'll give him one more year to turn things around before I lead the force to can him.
Well..the ReplayTV pretty much sucks. I cant tune my OTA locals and its the SLOWEST piece of equipment Ive ever seen. Its getting returned.
Don't you have a (gasp!) VCR? That would work for the short term and the 811 should support it via the IR blast. Personally I use a DVHS deck and record from the downrezzed 6000 via S-Video and much of what I record looks better than a DVD. You won't get a picture like that from Tivo or Replay.
My vcr sets on a shelf, unhooked. I tried it a month or so ago when I got a dlp...back on the shelf. I would not mind having a dvhs deck, but until the firewire is activated on the 921 or a like hd reciever... I will stick to my replay and dvd recorders.
Replay 3030 with Dish 811

Replay has component output for better picture and if you get a 5040 you can share shows with other users world wide .

Replay and 811 are a tricky to get to work together .

How did you get the Replay to work with 811? I can't get mine to work with the IR. Can't seem to find a code that works.

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