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Jan 2, 2017
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This should be a simple question: I recently purchased a Vizio D50-D5 and hooked it up through HDMI cable to my DirecTV box. Everything seemed to work for awhile, but then, when switching channels, the screen went blank, a 2nd then displayed the "Resolution not supported" message.

Vizio says the problem is with my DirecTV box, in that it is set for the wrong resolutions. So I went into the DirecTV setup, and found every box checked on the Resolution screen. So I unchecked everything EXCEPT the 1080p and 1080I b boxes. I then backed out properly,and clicked on Done.

Well, the problem continues, and every time I check the DirecTV settings, they have reverted to every resolution checked. So 1) how do I stop the DirecTV box from resetting these settings, and 2) is this the problem, or am I doing the wrong thing?


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For Vizio use a different HDMI port. If using #1 try #2 or #5. If using #5 try #1 or then #2. (If yours does not have 5 ports just switch till you may find one that works with Directv. This is a known issue btw.


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Jan 3, 2017
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I went through the same thing. Their customer service gave me the same bs. I tried taking native off, changing hdmi ports, etc. the only thing that will work is to use component cables. I will never purchase a Visio again after their very poor customer support .
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