ROS on 27.635 MHz using dongle-SDR (1 Viewer)

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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Hi fellow dongle-dudes,

When the CB band is open you can find a little-used digital mode called ROS, named after it's inventor. It has been appearing just above the CB band on 27.635 MHz It consists of many tones sent at a fast pace. Try tuning up there when the band is open and set your dongle to USB. There are links on the 'Net for decoders, have not tried those yet. It would be interesting to decode it and see what the transmission is all about.

The one photo shows the ROS signal on an audio analyzer, not the greatest shot, but you can see how many different tones are there. The second photo is the HDSDR dashboard with the audio analyzer on the lower right, again, many tones.

I have a sound byte on a .wav file but not sure about how to upload it.

Note that with HDSDR and an upconverter with an LO at 125 MHz the VFO will show the actual frequency being listened plus 125, so 27.635 MHz+ 125 MHz = 152.635 MHz.



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