(RUMOR) Comcast getting ready to work a deal with HDNet:


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First I only have one contact with Comcast now and I haven't talked with him for very long so I will not vouch for this person so that means this could be 100% wrong. Either way what I was told makes a lot of sense which is why I'm posting this in the first place.

I've been told that Comcast corporate will start working a deal with HDNet. So they haven't started a deal yet but they will very very soon and with that said I'm hoping Mark Cuban will browse this thread and post a reply if he gets contacted by Comcast.

I was told that the FCC has been giving them a very hard time approving the merger if customers would lose channels they currently have that are quite widespread. Widespread for the FCC means that many of the big players carry them so in HDNets case they are carried on DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon FIOS, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Adelphia among many others.

I've been told by one of my BHN contacts that they know for a fact that TWC corporate is working deals for Cinemax HD, Starz HD, Starz On Demand, Encore On Demand, ESPN2 HD, MHD, NFL Network and NFL Network HD. As we know we have confirmed reports that Cinemax HD and Starz HD were added in at least one TWC market so it makes sense. Also all these channels above (except for MHD) are offered on both Adelphia and Comcast so the FCC also doesn't think customers would be happy if they were switched over to Time Warner Cable for example and lost pretty much all of these channels.

Again we must remember these types of movies can create very bad press and very bad press of this nature can swing votes and we know the current people in power at the FCC (their party) isn't exactly doing very well right now so they would rather not add another issue to the long list. I didn't intend to make this a political thread so no talk of this nature will be allowed in this thread as its off topic and the only reason I even said this is because its a valid reason why the FCC would impose these additions for those of you who think the FCC would never do anything for us the customers. I will also say they aren't doing anything for us the customers sadly they are just doing this to save their own behinds but for once it does happen to help the customers so we will leave it at that.

So with everything above now said all we must do is wait and see what if anything pans out.


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May 28, 2004
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Well Comcast has just became the BIG DOG (well the only DOG) here in Laplace Louisiana, we use to have TWC.. The first day (Aug 1) and nothing has changed we still are receiving INHD1 & INHD2, HDNET & HDNET Movies, ESPNHD, and Discovery HD PLUS one HBO HD and one SHOWTIME HD……PBS HD and only 1 or the 5 HD local channels ( BOOOOOO on TWC for this!!).. I hope that COMCAST will pick up the rest of the local digital channels, and some more HD channels I MISS MY voOm…….


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Dec 13, 2006
well people...here in nj we dont have to worry about losing inhd2 cuz we got 3 hdse channels...plenty to keep me busy this baseball season...

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