Rumor - Time Warner is interested in Voom21


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Dec 12, 2003
Take this with a big grain of salt. When I called VOOM last night to discontinue autopay, I had the usual discussion with the CSR lamenting VOOM's closure. When I mentioned that I hoped VOOM21 would resurface as programming with another carrier, she disclosed that Time Warner may be "bidding" to do so.

After thinking about this for awhile, I can come up with two possibly reasons why she might have made this statement:

1. Time Warner is co-purchasing Adelphia [my cable company] and maybe with all the new subs they are considering making a big push into HDTV.

2. [and most likely] She is confusing Time Warner/Comcast's bid for Adelphia with Cablevision's failed bid and lumping [in her mind]all Cablevision/Rainbow's recent failures into one big loss.
Time Warner is at war with the Dolan's over MSG, Fox Sports NY, and the Metro Channel. In fact Time warner has dropped these channels from its system in NY.

This programming dispute probably needs to be resolved before the VOOM21 discussion can even begin.

(Also Time Warner is suing Cablevision over AMC for dropping classic movies)

These two have bad blood over programmig contracts

Iridium Satellite Phone ?

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