Rush HD: Bruce Brown Endless Summer & On Any Sunday Today!

Sean Mota said:
If you did not get to see these two shows last night. You must see them if you are a surfing fan or motor fan.
Great! I missed that documentary yesterday, hope to catch it tonight. I love the Endless Summer movie, and it will be interesting to see the documentary about its author, Bruce Brown.

Correction: the documentary about Bruce Brown and Endless Summer starts at 6pm, followed by the Endless Summer itself at 6:30. And if you haven't seen the Endless Summer before, make sure to watch it tonight - it's excellent! (Though don't expect the HD transfer to improve the 16mm film :) )

And by the way, I disagree that Endless Summer is only for surfing fans. In fact, if you are a surfer, you don't need to watch it today, because I am sure you already own it! But for the rest of us this is a great entertainment! :up :up

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