Samsung 4K 65" error message About HDMI cable

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Sep 7, 2017
New Samsung 4K with Direct TV. Received error message that HDMI cable would not work.
After much work, calling service and trying everything I found the answer.
Removed HDMI cable from HDMI1 and placed it in HDMI 2 jack on TV. Problem solved. I think this may have something to do with 4K protection associated with the HDMI 1 jack.
I'm no expert just a novice but found a solution and thought I would post this in the hope of helping others.
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Thanks for posting this information. 4k sets often have only one hdmi that works for 4k.
Only worked on HDMI 3 (MHL) for me with 4K. Others worked but pic was downconverted to 1080p (which still looked pretty damn good).
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