Samsung Gear 3


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Dec 3, 2003
I had a Gear 3 Classic for awhile now I have been very happy with it the battery life and great and it work well with all of my main Apps as far as getting notifications so forth. There not as many App in Tizen as Android Wear but on my first gen Moto 360 I did not really use the apps much. Overall there are tons of watch faces to choose from and the good thing with Tizen is that Samsung seems to support their OS with their hardware longer. Also there are Tons of nice watch bands to choose from as well which makes the watch feel and look more like a real watch.. Where with Android Wear version do not support the hardware as long so basically your hardware will not run anymore due to the software does not support it. Either way I would recommend them for those in the market for a SmartWatch I have been very happy with mine. :)

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