Alexa with Dish Question (Speaker?)

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    I've searched the forums and didn't find this to be a question that was answered, but it won't be a surprise if you all immediately point me to a thread I missed, so I'm apologizing in advance. You're the experts. Ask me about TV content, and I'll be the expert. :)

    It's Prime Day and the Alexa bits are on sale with an extra percentage off for CC holders. My question is this: If I get an Echo and sync up to my Hopper 3 can I also hear the TV from it? I realize it will be hard when I'm babbling forward rewind and such, but I'm still asking.

    If not, can I use the Echo as a bluetooth Dish speaker without connecting it to the new Dish dealio? (No, that's not the best audio, but I live in a teeny room.)

    I'm just trying to determine my options for the Echo in addition to what I have already read before purchasing. Thanks so much!!!
  2. No, it cannot be connected as a speaker.
  3. Well, that is a bummer. I guess I can use it with other things if I decide to take the plunge. Thanks so much for your answer!!
  4. Just bought a echo for 89..99 . Pretty good deal . The dots are 34.99 I might get one of them also .
  5. While I have not done it, it appears it can be done.

    You need to pair the Hopper with the Alexa Device.

    How to Use Your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

    On the Hopper go to Menu, Press Menu again, go to settings select Bluetooth and then follow the prompts.

    You can also pair wireless headphones or sound bars to the Hopper as well.

    Not sure how well it works, but it does look like it is possible.
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  6. Yes it works. I use the BT and the Disk skill with the Hopper. My hope the build an interface for the Joey.
  7. Sure it can. The Echo can act as a Bluetooth speaker to play music or whatever from another source. I have had my cell phone send music to the Echo, read texts etc..
  8. Are you saying that the echo can connect as a speaker and that at the same time you can also use commands to the echo to control the Hopper 3?
    I have used mine to control the Hopper 3 but did not think it could be connected as a speaker at the same time. If this is the case, then I am wrong in my initial reply.
  9. Yes
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  10. I can't get my Hopper to "see" any of my bluetooth devices, let alone my Echo. I don't know if it's a glitch or what, but when I click "find devices" in the Bluetooth menu on the H3, it doesn't find anything
  11. I had an issue with my Sony Bluetooth speaker that turned out to be too many pairings on the speaker. I had to reset the speaker before my Hopper would see it.

    Has it ever seen any Bluetooth devices? I would also try disabling Bluetooth and turning it back on. Then there's always Dish's answer to all technical woes, unplugging the Hopper, waiting 15-30 seconds, and plugging it back in.