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Apr 28, 2006
Hi I cant see the 129 satellite because of a woods , but can see the 105 satellite,I would like to get the Columbus Ohio locals, I see that they are on both satellites . Would there be any problem with using a 105 super dish, to receive them off the 105 satellite,plus 119 and 110 satellite, are the Columbus locals going to stay on the 105. Thanks
WELCOME :) I belive they are on 110 not 105.... :) If there are any locals on 105 they most likely wont be there much longer as 105 is getting a shake down and everything is moving off that bird. I'm sure some one who knows more i will chime in, in a bit :)
Call up E* and see if they will still do a Superdish 105 install for your locals... if so you should be good.

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