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Oct 20, 2010
Fort Worth 'burbs
I remember leaving the house in the morning after leaving a note for my parents telling them where I went fishing. I would ride my bike to my favorite fishing spot with my lunch bag tied to the rear fender. Some times I would catch fish and have a great time, and other times I would catch up with my buddies and not catch any fish at all. I would come home just as it was getting dark and then we would play kick the can or ghost in the graveyard until everyone's parents called them home. No phone calls mind you, just good old fashioned hollering for you off the front porch.


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Apr 1, 2008
Bolingbrook, IL
How I spent my Summer, with appologies.............

I remember the early mornings and going outside before my friends and being so glad it was Summer and wonderfully warm. Those mornings had a wonderful, special smell about them. Seemed so sweet and clean, with perhaps a slow soft wind of just right temperature on my face. I miss that. I also belonged to the Off The Street Club for city kids in Chicago. We (our parents) would give us a a couple of cents (2 or 3 milk for lunch) and we would walk about a mile or so down to the Madison street building and get on an old stick shift bus or an open stake bed truck they used for us to travel on. They would drive us out to their camp grounds near Wheaton, IL., way out in what was then the country, each day. For a kid that knew only the city life it was so very different. Learned how to ride a bike there, get on, sit down, have a friend give you a push, go down suicide hill and stay upright to the bottom. I have no idea of how I stopped without falling but did, was up and riding in three trips. Thanks for the memories, the best times in life for me.........


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Nov 25, 2010
New England
Hi my favorite childhood activity was digging snow tunnels in the winter in Tahoe through the piles of snow made from plowing the parking lots. Also trudging across town during blizzards. I was never very good at king of the mountain however.


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Apr 21, 2004
I have fond childhood memories of the family vacations. Dad would always get lost and I remember mom saying to dad " We are lost again aren't we?" To which dad would reply " No we are not lost; I just don't know where we are" I still laugh to this day when I remember that.


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Oct 12, 2010
Southern Alberta
I remember going to Whistler Mountain every weekend year round to the lakefront cabin. Skiing, hiking and just general exploration with a fishing rod rounded out my childhood.


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Mar 6, 2009
Rancho Palos Verdes
As a kid in 1940's New York City, whenever I managed to save enough cash to cover a subway ride and and a bleacher seat, I would spend the afternoon at Ebbets Field.


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Jun 5, 2012
North Florida
We would explore the woods near our home - there was something we called the clay canyon which was probably pretty unimpressive, but to us kids it was major recreation. (The area is all apartments now.)


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Apr 2, 2006
Maiden Rock, WI
As a young kid growing up in the country along a trout stream we fished during the day, swam when it got too hot, and camped at night always along the river. Cookouts, swimming, fishing, playing down at the river all day everyday and we never drown. Amazing memories that can't be erased even if the people are now gone!


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May 14, 2012
Southwest Ohio
I was raised on a farm, and small game hunting was something all us boys (and some girls) did. I never skipped school, nor did any of my friends, but the first day of hunting season was different. With my dad's blessing I took off the that first day and hunted pheasants with my dad and brothers. I haven't hunted since leaving home for college and the Air Force.


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Apr 9, 2008
One summer my family rented a cottage between a beach with incredible dunes and a family farm. In the mornings I would visit the barns, fields and apple orchard (with the farmer's full approval) and in the afternoons I would explore the beach and swim in the ocean. I met and spoke with many people but spent much of my time with a local dog doing whatever we pleased. It remains one of my fondest memories, improved no doubt by years of recalling it.

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May 23, 2008
I think reading some of these childhood stories is as good as winning a receiver. Maybe better.

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Jan 1, 2009
Summer for me, meant swimming in the open sea waters in the north coast of havana , specifically Cojimar, almost all day long every day and fishing (back then there were lots of fish , sardines even jumped into the shore/rocks after being attacked by big fishes, nowadays even the fish has moved to florida , lol). Cojímar is also world known, thanks to Ernest Hemingway, who had his yatch El Pilar there and used to eat at La Terraza restaurant. Also it is in front of the famous Blue Marlin corridor (marlin fishing contests were held every year with the international version held at Marina Hemingway in the west side of Havana), another reason fo him to station the yatch there. No wonder, the book and movie The Old Man and The Sea were based in the stories of local fishermen from my hometown, Cojimar.


Apr 30, 2012
So Calif
I grew up in the Land of 10,000 lakes. Fishing, boating, waterskiing, fly fishing, ice fishing, bass fishing, girl fishing, car fishing, boot fishing, motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, skiing, hockey and more hockey, snow blowing , snow shoveling, snow shoeing, snow ball fights...anyway, you get the picture. I think the most memorable year was when I could finally drive the boat by myself! Can you say freedom! Time to explore the lakes and enjoy the early morning bites! Growing up in Minnesota offered many things to do both with the family and friends. To this day I don't think I know anyone who doesn't own a cabin on a lake somewhere, to enjoy the water and it's many other activities with their families! I am very much looking forward to this new "era" in FTA TV! Good luck everyone!

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Jan 23, 2007
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
My favorite childhood summer past-time was when my sister and I visited my Grandma. I remember that I didn't think it was too great at the time. We were so used to playing Nintendo and being entertained at all times back at home. Going to Grandma's was boring and it meant entertaining ourselves. But some of my fondest memories of spending time with my sister came from the two of us making up songs and telling stories to keep entertained. It may not have seemed like fun at the time, but I sure am glad that we were forced to put down the video games and actually talk to one another!


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Feb 18, 2005
I remember putting a lot of miles on the old Schwinn 10-speed bike riding to friends houses, to the ballfield, and to the creek for swimming. There was a lot of jumping off the railroad bridge an into the refreshing waters of said creek. God only knows what was below that water that we could have injured ourselves on...


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Jul 13, 2006
Central MN
Growing up on a farm in MN meant summers were a lot of work, but that seemed to make the free time more fun!
On still, moonless nights we'd catch fireflies. Afterwards, laying on our backs, watching the stars, we'd imagine what it was like to be an astronaut.
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