Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro SL1PLL - Enter to Win - Drawing on 7/23/2012

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All prizes have been claimed and are shipped. We look forward to the honest testing results and comparisons to your current LNBFs.


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beer4me you make me fell off my chair laughing with that coment you make in#52.i was shock when i saw my name.can wait to test.
Glad to see you took it in the way it was intended . I have tried , but typing just doesn't come across like a voice. Some days , humour is all that keeps me going. But , let's not let anyone know. Congrats again, and , I'll look forward to the test results.


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So is the general consensus so far that this is the best Ku LNBF a mere mortal hobbyist can buy? If so, I probably need to order some.

From the pictures, it looks like putting a custom feedhorn on the LNB would be a chore, if even possible, not to mention voiding the lifetime warranty.

Maybe one of the reviewers/winners can tell us how hard it is to disassemble and whether replacing the stock feedhorn with one customized for their specific dish makes any difference.
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Wanna trade delivery dates, Ice? Of course you'd have to move here to Arizona, 105 to 115 heat daily, way down to 70 as a low last night, and then it may be getting sent from California, that could make the difference.

And the 31st IS my Birthday (smile).
110 and like 3% humidity there or 92 with dewpoints in the 70's (heat index of 99 or so)....lows in the low 70's here

sure what the hey ;)


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Friday Morning, approx 6:30 AM.

I just got off the phone with FedEx and there is a package with my name on it at their distribution center, and it is directly on my way to work.

I am leaving a little earlier this morning so I can stop and pick it up.

I think that officially makes mine THE FIRST TO ARRIVE.



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Well, they were loading the truck when I called and it was due to be delivered today, but there won't be anyone here to receive it, and I lock the front gate when I leave, so ... why leave it out on the street when I can have it securely in my car for the day ... right?



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OK, Brian, you called it an interception, but in any case, IT IS HERE now. I got home a while ago, but it's way too hot to be outside right now at 105 degrees.

I have a perfect place to use it, on a 4' dish I received FROM the operators at the FedEx yard. I have been looking at this dish for almost a year, and now I have the perfect place to mount this new LNB.

And I'll show pictures when I get it going.


(and yeah, I am excited about this)


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Looking forward to your review Phottoman, you will absolutely love it.
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