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May 14, 2006
I have a customer that is interested in having Dish Network installed in his home. He wants all of the cables and phonelines to be run underneath his house and then brought up inside his walls. I am somewhat familiar with bringing the wire down the wall from the attic but have never tried bringing them up through the wall from underneath. Can anyone give any information on what type of drillbits should be used or tips on how to do this in general? Thnx for the help.


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Jan 3, 2004
Montgomery City, MO
We use wall fish products from B.E.S. Cut a hole for a remodel single gang box where you want the outlet, and use a Piranhabit with the Steering Guide to drill through the bottom plate of the wall. You can also use a Bellhanger bit from the same site, and use the bit to pull the wire through the bottom plate.

If you do any wall fish at all, these tools, along with the Fiberfish rods, are a must.

Good Luck


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