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Jan 17, 2006
From a post in the gen cable forum but no one replied:

Signal meter satellite identification


Hi everyone, I am a new member here and I hope this is the right place to ask this: How does the more fancy satellite signal meters (like the Birdog) identify what satellite it is looking at? Is there a specific frequency on which this information is carried? Does the method of satellite identification vary between satellites? Any information/links you have on this would be great Thanks!

I would also like to know this.
For the generic sat identification the bird dog looks for the specific beacon frequency of the bird or a known vertical, horizontal, CR or CL transponder and takes into account the offset of the LNB.

For the named services it looks for the specific frequency of the assigned transponder, the Linear offset of the specific LNB the named service uses and looks for the resulting down converted frequency. This is why it will sometimes mis-identify a satellite if you are way over on the wrong bird and it is using the same frequency.

The manufacturer in England is quite happy to work with anyone to get a specific data set for a specific transponder if you supply the transponder frequency and the LO of the LNB. He will send you an experimental data-set and when you confirm it works, will include it on the website.

So basically it's frequency dependent

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