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Sep 28, 2006
I know it's an older blind scan, but are there any newer updates out there? I have version 6.01 Dec '03 loaded now. Looks like I still have the loader software, just currious if there's newer updates.

Now that I'm more confident in my setup, how long should a scan of a typical Ku Bird take? 5-10min?

I've also read that there's a DVBDream beta that can blind scan. Will it work with the DVBWorldBox? And where do you find the beta?

Thanks, but it looks like that's for the 3688, I have the 3618, no motor control, just scanning.
Whoops, some members have used the 3688 software with the 3618, I know Iceberg has.
If I remember right, Diamond Jim used it and flashed it back. Can't remember why? He had a problem of some kind, with it? I think? Maybe, just something different, he didn't like?

You can change it from 3618 to 3688 and back again. You do need the right remote as they use different ones. There is no recent software since that receiver has been out of production for a while. If you'd like to have a collection of the software for both models, send me a email at and I'll give you the link for downloading it.
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