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May 1, 2006
I have a couple of old Buzz receivers I bought used. I really need to buy new receivers but even when I do I will probably just move these into another room since I can have 4 receivers with my set-up.

I did a "Scan SAT" and "Scan all" on G19 trying to find the new location for Hope and 3ABN but did not pick them up. I still get them on AMC4. I had this problem before trying to get Al Jazerra English and was never able to pick it up in its new location although this time, while looking for 3ABN and Hope, I got Al Jazerra.

With these receivers the MENU takes me to a screen where I can choose INSTALLATION. From there I can choose DISH SETTINGS, CHANNEL EDIT, DATA TRANSFER, VERSION INFORMATION, and FACTORY RESET.

I choose DISH SETTINGS and it takes me to a screen where I can do various types of scans and shows me the Satellite, LNB Power, LNB Type, LNB Frequency, Transponder, 22KHz, Search Option, Networkd Search, DiSEqC, Motor, Legacy Switch. I am not sure how to program in a specific channel so I have just been scanning for them.

The FORTEC Star I had went bad but seemed a little more user friendly.
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Dec 26, 2006
Shane, I still use one of those Buzz (the Plus model) and I like it. It has good motor control, and a dang good blind scan. Just punch Menu, then OK (Dish Setting will be highlighted anyway, but thats the one you want). After that (be sure the right satellite is showing at the top) just push the blue button, where it says Blind scan, and you can pick fast scan or Detailed scan, and the polarity, if you only want to scan V or H.
Remember, the Buzz software never was updated, and the blind scan on KU will go all the way to 12900, which is a waste of time after 12200 mhz. It's tedious, but what I do is just scan V or H separately, and hit the EXIT button when it gets up to 12200, store channels, then scan the other polarity. If you're receiver has a bunch of empty transponders stored on each satellite, it will not store anything, so go through the TP list and delete out the inactive ones. Or just factory default it to wipe everything out and start all over again.

edit: to add, if you want to manually scan for a channel, go to the same Scan page in the menu, and scroll down to Transponder and hit ok, to see the list of transponders on each satellite. Red button, to add a new transponder, enter freq and SR, etc, then exit, It's slow, but if there's nothing on a TP, hit the green button, then OK to delete it, and repeat and repeat and repeat until you have only active transponders on the satellite. They don't have a lot of memory and it fills up quickly if you do much scanning for wildfeeds.


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Nov 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
From what I understand, The Buzz is what became the Sonicview 1000, which is practically the same as the 4000, which I have. You have two options (both on the Dish settings screen, set for G19). First is blind scan, which is the blue button on the remote (at least mine). Second is to manually add the transponder, which you do by highlighting the transponder setting, then select to bring up the transponder list. You then add a transponder by pressing the indicated button (red I think), then enter the parameters, and exit out to the transponder screen, select the new trasnponder, exit out to the Dish settings screen, then to a Scan TP (should be green button).
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