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Oct 18, 2011
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Hello all,

I will try to succinctly state my issue, although I'm not sure how best to describe it. I recently got a new DirecTV setup and have 2 TV's (both use the HR24). My main TV works great and there are no issues to note. However, I bought a 2nd TV and noticed a sort of screen delay or movement. It almost looks like the movie/show that's being played is being filmed live (almost like there's an additional camera moving on top of the actual movie camera that's moving around the set).

I can definitely tell a difference between my 2 TV's so I returned the new TV (figuring it was a cheap brand and I should upgrade). I got a higher end Samsung TV and get the same exact effect. I have tireless looked through every DirecTV menu (assuming that I can safely remove the TV from the troubleshooting options) to see if there is something causing this setting. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Is it possible it's just a bad HDMI cable? bad receiver? I'm at a loss, but the effect is rather annoying.

Also, no, I have not traded receivers to see if the 'bad' one works on the 'good' TV. I am working out of town right now and figured I'd try to ask the local experts before I got back home.



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Feb 3, 2011
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Sounds like you have a TV with 120Hz or higher refresh rate. This is sometimes called SmoothMotion (or something similar) or any number of other names. It is a setting on the TV, not the DTV boxes. This setting is used to smooth out sports and action/fast-moving scenes. As you mentioned, to many, it looks like the way live events or soap operas are shot. You should be able to disable it in your TV menus.
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