SD & BTV Receiption is Sourthern States(Texas and states in anthat area) during rain? (1 Viewer)

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Dec 2, 2005
Bell Fibe TV Land
Not living in the US, I was watching a show and it was about weather. It was showing that in the "Soutrhern US Texas, and states in that area during spring & summer that they had server weather as in heavy rains, tornado's as such, wether this is true or not this I don't know as I don't live there.

Assuming this is true I just curious as how the receiption is during these storms? Do both BTV & SD signal go out? I know the larger the dish the better the signal, but thats not always true?

When I had BTV I had two dishes both 24" and they where pointed at 91 & 82 and I had of 95%+ on most of the TRS on both sats, now grant you I live in Ottawa Canada so I would naturally have a strong signal yet I would loss my BTV signal when it rained heavy and on my SD sat I would get signal Pixelling and I had the largest SD dish.

As to what the signal strength is now with SD this I don't know or what the signal strenght with 91 & BTV's new sat at 82 this I don't know either.But with my Dish service(using the two BTV dishes)I'm get 90-95% signal which is not to bad, at least I'm getting dish & SCI-FI as long as I getting those I'm happy, but that aside?

So I just curious as the rains effect signal now that spring & summer is coming?


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Well, Arizona is not known for its rain, but occaisionally it does. In fact, being an El Nino year, we have had several storms of varying intensity this winter. On one occasion, during a brief but intense shower, the picture pixelated and then disappeared for about one minute, then returned. In the four years I have had SD this has happened three or four times. Each time it has been a brief but intense shower, and the loss of signal only occurs while the rain cloud is directly been the dish and the satellite. In a moderate, general rain, the signal is not affected at all.

I have an 85cm generic dish for SD (Anik F2). A 60e might not give the same results, but some friends who have a 75e experience about the same impact from rain as I.

Can't say regaring BTV, but, as I'm sure you have read in other posts, the signal is marginal or non-existant in this locality since the launch of Nimiq4, even on a sunny day. I know of several snowbirds here who have abandoned their BTV for SD due to signal issues.


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Mar 17, 2006
We get some pretty strong storms here in Nashville and I invariably lose signal for a few minutes. I was forced to go to a 1.2 m Fortec for 82W and use the standard 20 inch for 91W. I get around 95% quality on 91W but did try a 1 meter last year as an experiment and still lost signal during heavy storms.

I get around 80% for 82W and this one usually fades first.

The rain fades are not a huge problem for me and typically only occur for a few minutes. To be honest I am usually not watching Bell during the storms as I default to the local stations to see if there are any tornado warnings


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Feb 16, 2009
Well, being from "Deep South, Manitoba"... (draw a line due south from the MB/ON border until you hit a major, major body of water...)

When the SD 75e dish is correctly aligned, there have been very few dropouts, even on the HD channels when it rains. That being said, I haven't been watching TV in a downpour, since I never seem to be home when it's pouring rain, but during some recent storms, I never lost signal.

On SD, the HD goes first, then SD, but I've locked in the dish to the 111 sat and haven't looked back!

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