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Jul 29, 2004
I am moving into a new home this weekend and have a couple of questions and recommendation requests. Here is the setup:

1) House is pre-wired with RG6 in 5 rooms, but all off of a single feed.

2) No land line service, but jacks are available.

3) Going to use Cox HSI and DirecTV

4) We are only hooking up the DirecTV in 2 rooms (Master Bed has HD Receiver and Family Room has HD DVR). Computers are used throughout home.

4) Both installs are on Saturday afternoon

5) HDTV has both built-in WIFI and an ethernet port along with HDMI inputs

Here are the questions:

1) Can these items (HDTV, DirecTV, and internet) be connected and if so, what is the best way to connect them?

2) What type of router(s) should I purchase?

3) Is there a way to use the existing cable run and feeds for both services?

4) Should I just let the techs fight it out?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.
Please reply by conversation.

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