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Its Saturday Night and I am working on a few things...

1) Trying a new backup system... been trying to get it to install but having problems with NGINX (our web server) with it.
2) Because of problem one I have been looking at our web server (NGINX) and found that while the conf files we are using work, they cause issues with other virtual hosts. (The conf files were for the much earlier version of the web server) so I am going to try... (try) fixing the conf files so they are correct for the version of Nginx we are running.

IF we are offline for a few seconds or you get a firewall message, rest assured its just me tweeting things, and there Is nothing wrong.

This message was posted at 7:20 PM Eastern Time on August 3rd. :D
Well the config files have changed... A LOT....

But I think I have figured them out... and they make a lot of sense. I actually like how they are now. A lot of common calls in the virtual host config files are now stored in their own separate config files. This makes things a lot cleaner and easier to update.

With that said I am going to give them a shot in a few minutes. We could be down for a few minutes as I tweak them. But going this way does a few things for us...

* It hardens the server security more, as we go from a 1024bit security certificate like to a lot more secure 4069bit security certificate
* For the first time ever we will have proper expires headers for caching. This should make things a hair faster.

I plan to do this in a few minutes... to give you guys.a chance to read this message.

As I said things are working fine now but might as well bring us to the current configuration. :)

So if we are down for a few minutes... well you know why.

Thanks guys for your patience!
I got a few error messages, all seems to be normal now.
I don't seem to be able to post or edit posts in the Private Messages.
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Welcome Back!

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