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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME!
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Sep 7, 2003
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Welcome back everyone to SatelliteGuys.US!

I would like to apologize for the down time. And I would also like to say I am sorry that we had to revert the database back to Sunday afternoons backup so all the posts from today are gone.

The reason for this was it appears the database was not imported correctly last night and was corrupt. We believe this is what was causing the errors where you couldn't go into specific forums. And we also believe it is the reason the database CPU usage was so high.

They always say the third time is a charm right. :)

Still down is our mail server, meaning you will not get post notifications from the server. This is on our to do list. :)

Again we are sorry for all the issues and the length of time this has taken. We wish it didn't take as long either. Anthony has worked for almost 3 days on this project. At first we had the issues with the remote access DRAC so it wouldn't allow him to load the OS ISO, then we had various linux distributions that had trouble installing, then we had a successful install but found out the drives were not formatted correctly, then the database issue... and so on. Nothing ever goes as planned.

Now are we out of the woods yet? I have tested things on a number of machines and things appear to be working, but we won't know for sure everything is good without you here... so with that I am going to reopen the board and again WELCOME BACK!
Seems there are some missing posts that were here this morning.
I ran a part time computer repair service some years back and had some commercial accounts that I did work for. One of the famous statements I made early on when telling the Wife how long I'd be gone was "This shouldn't take me more than an hour!"?? And I'd show back up at the house 3 hours later!

The bottom line is, NEVER make a time estimate when working on computers!! It'll be done when it's done!
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