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The new caching is working so well. :) Thats a lot of hits for just two days on the new server.

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Nope. We didn't move to the 32 GB server. I ordered it and set it up the same was but the server had issues. First we were getting segmentation faults and they replaced the memory and then I had it all setup and copied over and the settings between the two matched exactly, and the other server was slower than the old server.

We were using APC caching on the old server and now are using Opcache which is supposed to be (and seems to be) much better.

So we are only on 16 GB of ram... and doing very well.

Oh one thing I am doing now which may slow things down is I am rebuilding the cache of all attachments, which has not been done since we moved to Xenforo. But if things slowed down they will be back to its fast self in a few hours.
Not sure what the problem is, but for the past 4 days when using Chrome, satelliteguys.us continues to display:


You don't have permission to access this resource

Cleared the cookies and restarted PC with no effect. Works fine on the same PC using Firefox. Suggestions?
And its working on other browsers on that machine? Only Safari?

I am using Safari on Big Sur with no issues.


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That's really odd. I use Firefox as my main browser on my laptop, but also have Chrome for casting. Satelliteguys works fine on either of them.

Brian, try a hard refresh: Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button. Or Hold down Ctrl and press F5.

Or go into Settings, and under Advanced, do a "Reset and Cleanup"
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Site seems to load very slowly when I use a VPN...but once it loads its very fast
If your service supports wireguard you might want to give that a try. Wireguard operates much faster than other VPN's (i.e. openvpn, pptp, etc).

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