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Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
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Welcome back to SatelliteGuys! We were able to move to our NEW SERVER in under an hour!

The biggest hang up was with our SSL security certificate as we had to wait for our new DNS to propagate before we could put in the SSL certificates.

A few things..

The server might seem slow and this is due to a few reasons. First being the fact that this is a virgin server and nothing has been cached yet by the server, as more people use it more things will be cached, and that's when the speed increases. Also our search index is being rebuilt and that all take about 45 minutes or so to complete.

Secondly email functions such as notifications are not currently working. I am working on these things now.

Thank you for all your support and making this move possible.

Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
Also just a reminder that our Valentines Day special "buy one give one" Pub Membership deal ends tomorrow!

If you want to help the site and give a gift Pub Membership to another users please see. --> Pub Memberships <-- Click there!

And please PM me who you want to give you gift Pub Membership to! :)

Thanks for your support!
Spectacular speed getting that done. Wow. So, are "we" now on somebody else's server as discussed in the other thread?
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No we are on our own dedicated server. :)
I am so confused. So, what part of this quote from the "kick the tires" thread am I misinterpreting?
Now I should note while we are on this server, I may move us to an upgraded server which has the same specs, however instead of 16 gig of ram it has 32 and instead of 500 GB (SSD RAID-1) of drive space we would have 1 TB of SSD storage (in Raid 1). everything else about the server is the same. So if we decide this is it and works for us, I will have to redo everything on the new server. Luckily I kept all my instructions for what I did so far. :)

And while we are moving, to start we are only going to take out a lease on it for 6 months, so if somewhere down the line its not working for us we can move elsewhere.
I am so confused. So, what part of this quote from the "kick the tires" thread am I misinterpreting?
Ahh, though you meant we move to shared hosting.

Nope instead of moving to a shared host, we are renting our own dedicated server. (Not a VPS). Its our own dedicated box.
Just made another change, and sped things up even more. :D

I believe this is as fast as we can get. And I am happy with that. Very Happy.

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One bit of strangeness I have seen involves the substitution of "?" for some of the extended character set, like the degree sign (˚) or foreign words (El Niño) from older posts before the switchover.

edit: Well, now it looks like other threads I've looked at do have the degree symbol, so maybe the posts were from the pre-XenForo servers.
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