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Site is working fast & smooth.
Got my new echo plus today from prime day. Gonna set it up and head to bed, back to the grind tomorrow.
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A few of you sent over donations last night (thank you!)

I am going to send that money over to AnthonyG for all his hard work. He really did work 3 days fixing all the issues, from getting the remote access DRAC working again (which was an entire day job itself) to reformatting and setting up everything again, as well as dealing with me and answering all my stupid questions along the way. I am sure some of my questions pissed him off but I am not a unix guy, which is why we have him... (aka he knows what hes doing) :D

I know you guys are happy with the way things are running now, so if you wish to thank him for his hard work to get us running better than ever then I am happy to pass the hat for him. (Please don't feel you have to!)

I will collect and give him what comes in including last nights donations on Saturday.

If you would like to throw something in the hat for Anthony, please click the following link ---> Donate <---

It was a tough upgrade but I think we are in a much better (and faster) place now! THANK YOU ANTHONY FOR YOUR HARD WORK!
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