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Jul 27, 2007
Hi everybody!

I have a fair amount of satellite experience (self install and maintenance of both a C-band system and Directv (Directivo). I have ordered a VISIONSAT IV2000 PVR receiver. I have an old Direcpc dish and LNB that I hope to use with it. I plan on pointing it at IA5 . My primary interest is JCTV.

Other than locating IA5 and scanning for channels, what other steps will I need to take to get Glorystar programing on that satellite? I read a post here that talked about "activation".

Thanks a lot!

Vince Warde


SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 27, 2004
It's all FTA so if you can get a signal then you can get the channels.

I think of Glorystar as an "association" of channels that are working together with advertising and getting hardware out to the users. And the receiver you would get from them is already pre-programmed for the Christian stations.

Glorystar also helps channels get transponder space and directs them to one of the 2 sats so that they are all together. There is no subscription or anything special that you need to get the channels as they are all FTA.

Hope that helps.

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