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Mar 26, 2005
I keep my dish parked at 123W most all the time, but last time I attempted to dial in another satellite, the motor went all the way west and got stuck there. No amount of button pushing could get it to budge. I think I turned the box off (Coolsat 4000) from the rear and rebooted, this got the motor responding to the move button and since I had deftly marked the location for 123W, was easy to go back and leave it there. Somewhere along the line, I had also hit the motor reset button. So yesterday I go out and get the motor aligned to "0" and fine tuned it to AMC5, my true south satellite and press the motor reset to get things all fixed up again. I believe motor control was set at 1.2 (as opposed to "off" or "USALS"). Well, I go back to the box and dial up 123W and the dish moves about 10 degrees East and stops. It should have moved about 50 degrees WEST! How do I get things set up again so that the system can find satellites? Also, does the reset button have to be depressed for a few seconds to activate the reset, or is just pressing the button enough? I don't have instructions....
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SatelliteGuys TheList
Sep 26, 2005
Los Angeles CA
Use USALS and move the dish towards your true South satellite location plus about 50 degrees and re zero the motor there, to re zero use a paper clip and hold down the motor reset button for a few seconds, the motor light will flash orange I believe.


SatelliteGuys Master
May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
When you reset the SG-2100, keep the reset button pressed while the LED flashes orange until it goes back to solid green again.

Always do this procedure with the motor parked at the '0' position. Sometimes this is hard to see when a dish is mounted, so I use either a small mirror or knife blade to reflect the position where I can see it :)
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