GONE Possible LNB issue with my Manhattan RC-1978


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Nov 5, 2017
London Ontario Canada
my manhattan RC-1978 has worked well for the last few years. However for the last month or so some channels are becoming weaker or lost altogether . the stations still show on lyngsat as being active . did a reset and a rescan that made things worse . some channels that were weak before rescan disappeared entirely after scan . Is it possible the LNB is going bad? It's one of those C/KU combos from china that mount in the center of the dish. Is there any way to test other than buying a new unit . Would a seperate Cband and a off set KU lnb be a better arrangement. I have a10 foot mesh dish . it has been checked for warp . Don't know where to go from here.
Have you removed the cap from the front, and looked inside? Perhaps wasps got in there, and built a nest closing it down. That would do exactly what you are saying. I've had it happen myself.

IF that's what's going on, make sure you don't bend the antenna probes when you clean it out.
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C band

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