Shielding the back side of a yagi antenna


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Thanks for posting these more elaborate techniques but hopefully the simpler (and less $$$) approaches will work. I may also try moving the antenna below the roof line on the east side of the house and see what happens. Here is my rabbit ears report: RabbitEars.Info

My goal is to get the BUZZR game show network. Up until a few months ago i was able to get a strong signal with this antenna from WFLD in Chicago. However, as luck would have it, someone started a new LP station (WDMW-LD) with the same frequency as WFLD and a transmitter that, according to the FCC report, is located in a residential subdivision a few miles from my house, in the same direction I have to point the antenna to pick up Chicago!
You know it would a lot easier to just stream it. BUZZR is available for free on plenty of streaming services. If you don't have a streaming box, you can get a one fairly cheap for under $30.
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Mike Kohl, do you think shielding from the backside might help me here? My stations are all to the north and separated by about 40 degrees. I live in the foothills and have mountains to disrupt my locals. I can get Charlotte and Agusta, by rotateing my antenna, but Greeville locals are weak. I have the mesh from a 12 foot Paraclipse, maybe form a parabolic shape behind the reflector to block the other signals?
Update: I first tried moving the antenna below the roof line, which did not provide any signal improvement. I decided to try the antenna on the eave of the garage, which I had never considered before, but also has trees situated to the west. Miraculously, I got a stronger signal here of 38 than at any time over the last 2+ years. I moved my eave mounting brackets to this area on the 16th and installed new coaxial and ground wires to reach the area. Since mounting the antenna here, I have had only 2 or 3 recordings out of about 150 with signal disruptions. The leaves on the trees blocking the unwanted signal have since dropped off, but the signal remains strong so far. Hopefully no further modifications will be necessary but will post more updates if needed. Thanks again for the help.

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