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Mar 22, 2004
We just got locals in our area (Elkhart, IN) and I want to subscibe. However, I don't want to mess with credit card autopay, which apparantly is a requirement for the free equipment upgrade. I'm not a satellite geek, but I am an engineer and I have moved/aimed my dish before and installed a sw64, so I want to try this myself.

I currently have 3 older receivers. Without checking the manuals, I believe the model numbers of two of them are 2700 and 4700. The third is a JVC unit I bought at Sears about 2 years ago. My current dish is a dish 500 routed through that SW64.

I found a satellite dealer on the net who sells a dish/FSS LNB combination to receive the satellite at 105 or 121.


1) Are there any issues with feeding the signal from this auxillary dish into 3A and 3B on the SW64 and from there into my receivers?

2) After the install, will my receivers be able to properly test the system? On the 4700 the software has the ability to test signal strength on both 105 and 121 and when I look at "Test Switch" it has a check box for SuperDish.

3) Will I get any flack from DISH for by-passing getting a SuperDish?

4) After I subscibe to the local channels will my older receivers be able to "see" the new channels or will I need some sort of adapter?

5) Are there any other pitfalls likely to be encountered?

Thanks in advance for your help!

As a side note, like most net users, I often lurk around various forums and newsgroups. After lurking around this one for a couple of days, I've noticed that this one is much more civilized. Kudos!
1. You will need a Ku FSS Dual LNBF to feed 3A and 3B of your SW-64. I used a SkyVista brand dual LNBF for this purpose. You will also need a 75cm FTA antenna. (HotDish 75 or Winegard DS-2076 are good examples)

2. I would recommend taking a receiver and small TV outside to your 121 dish to aim it. 121 is not hard to find. On the dish pointing screen, select 121 slot Xponder 1. Once you get the 121 dish peaked, then hook up the Dual LNBF to the SW-64. Also make sure to rotate the 121 LNBF for your area, it will gain you a few points on signal strength.

Run Switch Checks on your receivers. I didn't check the superdish box on my 508's. I don't think it matters. After the switch check is complete, 110, 119, and 121 should appear on the screen. Channel 900 should appear in the guide, which is a screen stating you have a superdish installed at 121.

3. It took me three calls to get my locals activated. Dish didn't understand the separate dish at 121 very well. They informed me that they would turn them on, but wouldn't provide any support if there was trouble receiving locals. No big deal to me, they couldn't provide me with a superdish anyway (LOL). A few days after they are turned on, make sure E* didn't charge you for a superdish.

4. After running a successful switch check and having the locals turned on, they should appear in the guide. Full guide data for the locals may not appear right away. Current and next program data should be there, though.

5. I haven't experienced any trouble with my installation. Seems to work well with these non-Dish supported parts. The hardest part was getting Dish to turn them on.

Good Luck and hope this helps.

Make sure your receivers have the capability to see 121 or 105. Go to the system install screen. If it isnt on there, you wont get locals on that receiver.

Once you have it up and working, tell Dish you have a "SuperDish Equivalent" shouldnt have any issues getting them activated.
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