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Dec 8, 2005
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Just installed my sonicview 360 (previous thread regarding review of) , I have a 41
inch channel master with a .8 db norsat pll dro lnb. Moved dish originally on Gal 25 for DMX to home. Convinced my dad to move it to Amc 9 for Rtv. Wouldn't you know it but my channel master ss meter died on me, the rechargable battery bit the dust and when i connected to an ac output, no power at all. So i set up the dish setting option and manually entered freq. 12140 v 30000 7/8 (hughesnet) because it was the strongest xponder to peak on. So after 2 1/2 hrs in 20 degreee weather in my dad's backyard, was able to find the bird and peaked az, el and pol.
When I finally acquired sat my signal was 78 and quality was 96 (xponder 1 for
Rtv 11735H/S-R 4444 and fec 3/4. Is ss ok at 76 and what does a quality of 96 mean?

When i blind scanned (about 4 1/2 minutes) I also have Nbc newschannel (an id with bars and tone Amc 9/3f) it has signal 78 and quality 99...thanks. rolou21


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Apr 26, 2006
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On your STB meter, the SIGNAL LEVEL indication is sort of a composite of several different signals. It combines all the RF information into one block if you will bare with the analogy. It senses the amplifier noise from the LNBF as well as any signal that the dish and LNBF is picking up from the surrounding environment or from a satellite. Therefore, the signal level is a mere indication that things are working and connected properly.

The QUALITY METER indication judges how mush of the "noise" is actually usable signal for the tuner. This is the signal indication that you are most interested in.

The higher the QUALITY METER indication is, the better you have your dish, LNBF aligned to the satellite signal.

If you are detecting the AMC-9F signal in the high 90% range on your meter, that is normal and good. The RTN signal will be lower than this, but as long as it is above the threshold of your receiver's tuner, you are ok.

Don't be surprised if the AMC-9F channel signal goes away from time to time. It used to be always hot and active, even when nothing other than the color bars and test tone were displayed. But recently, I have seen it be totally dead. They may be shutting it off when not being used to save money. I don't know this for sure, I am just guessing.

The RTN TP has always been much weaker and for many, it has been a difficult one to maintain a lock on its signal. Recently, RTN has upped their signal strength, so that helps.

You are doing good from what I can tell from your signal levels.

The Quality level meter is an indication of how strong the actual satellite broadcast is and how far above the "background" noise the signal is. The higher this reading is, the better.

Be certain not to try to compare your XX% signal level or quality level indication on your Sonic View receiver with the XX% signal level or quality level indication on another brand of receiver. They don't use the same scaling among brands or even models so you cannot compare them directly. You may only compare the meter reading with the identical equipment installed.

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