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Apr 11, 2006
I have had a 2 LNB dish long enough that it was necessary to get locals (used to be on a different SAT). I live in the woods. Zip 12540. Called D* to upgrade to HD. I am concerned about line of sight for the AT-9 dish. I have two questions:

1. Which SAT was it that used to have the locals. I can get 101 great. I get the other one oj now (don't remember which one it is) but I haven't tweaked the dish lately since there is nothing on it that I can get anymore with my old receiver. I used to get it ok. The problem is that my house in 1-story and the dish is on a chimney mount. I am concerned that if I move to the roof, I won't get a signal at all. D* told me they can't install the AT-9 to a chimney.

2. Where can I find someone to test the signal strength from the roof for all 5 sat locations? D* CSR said I had to pay someone to do this before the install, because basically if I order the whole new package and it doesn't work, too bad!


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Mar 16, 2006
1. If you just have a Phase II with 2 seperate LNB's you were getting the 101 and the 119. With the AT9 you need line of site to the 99, 101, 103, 110 and 119 for now. It's rumored when the MPEG4 migration is complete a couple of years from now, the 110 and 119 won't be needed anymore.

2. Need to locate a local installer company or just have them come out and attempt to install the dish.
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