SiriusXM OEM car radio antenna problems - alternate solution question (1 Viewer)

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Apr 20, 2014
I’m one of the lucky ones to experience the dreaded signal loss more than half the time for my Honda CRV SiriusXM OEM radio. I’ve researched so many ways online how to narrow down what’s causing the signal loss, from the back of the car to the front. That’s a lot of digging and tearing up the car, tracing the cord and looking for possible breaks or loose connections. I REALLY don’t want to do all that nor do I have the tools necessary. I’m not the type to go tearing up the interior of my car.

So I’ve been thinking about an easier solution with less mess. Why not just leave the original antenna cord in place and install a new antenna cord. What are your opinions about just pulling out the OEM stereo just enough, removing the original antenna cord from the back, and installing a new antenna cord that has one of those little charcoal briquette sized antennas at the end of the cord, running that cord under the front dash leading to the right side, and and then sliding the radio back in. The antenna would be glued to the dash and reception through the windshield.

I got the idea because about a decade ago, my car I had back then didn’t have SiriusXM installed on the OEM radio, so I installed a third party Sirius radio and ran the antenna cord to the front dash (right side), gluing the little charcoal briquette antenna on the dash in the corner. Reception was 100% from inside the car through the front windshield. Why not do the same thing to this OEM radio?

Does this sound like a feasible plan that would work? At this point I don’t even know what type of connector is on the back of my Honda OEM radio and if the new antenna connector would match, so some Googling would have to be done.
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Aug 17, 2005
Pacific NW
Probably has just an SMA connector,, when I replaced the OEM radio in my Toyota Tacoma, the radio I replaced it, I added an XM Radio module and I was able to plug the Antenna connector directly into that.

Now I also drive a Van part time and setup an external SiriusXM radio, As the job is part time I don't want to activate the built in radio on a vehicle I don't own or fully control, so I also put the antenna on the dash at first
works okay but besing on the west coast with mountains I lose signal going around the mountains, so I now have the antenna on the roof through the door just above the the drivers seat. works great.

But most likely you'll have a plastic connector with an SMA connector inside of it.
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