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Mar 19, 2010
OK so what's going on with the site URLs? I keep a link in the drop down menu of my address bar so I can go straight to the FTA discussion section and yesterday evening that URL changed? So I redid the link, which threw it to the bottom of my list :mad: only to find that this morning the previous URL is working again?? WTF!!??:confused:

So what's going on with the URL thingie???

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Sep 7, 2003
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Last night DISH Network had a major satellite issue, that issue caused our server to be swamped with 6,000 people online which took the site to its knees. To get us back up and running I disabled the vBSEO software which is the software that turns vBulletins urls into search engine friendly URL's. Because of this the links changed while the software was off. But with it off the server was once again speedy and able to handle the huge amount of traffic.

After seeing how much the vBSEO software slows down our systems I am considering getting rid of it since vBulletin now has its own built in Search Engine Optimization. (Its not as good as vBSEO but it does not eat CPU like vBSEO does.)

This morning because the traffic has died back down again I have reenabled vBSEO.

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